22 at 22.

Last year I did a 21 at 21, so I think it’s appropriate that I start a new list. It’s been an amazing year!

Here’s what I learned while I was 21:

  1. Drinks are expensive. Buy a flask.

  2. Don’t tell your mom about a boy until you’re actually sure about it.

  3. No seriously, don’t.

  4. Paint your nails, it’s a small thing, but a huge boost of confidence.

  5. Don’t burn out – millennial burn out culture is real and it’s stupid.

  6. We’re all winging it, even the people who claim they know what they’re doing – they don’t.

  7. Invest in good footwear.

  8. Pray more, write it down.

  9. Read often.

  10. Write every second you can.

  11. Work ethic will get you places. Be patient.

  12. Be humble.

  13. Stressing out over people and circumstances that you can’t control is not worth it.

  14. College was really fun – love every moment.

  15. Set boundaries now, before it’s too late.

  16. Days can be good and bad at the same time, embrace both.

  17. Home is something you carry.

  18. Give more – of your time, your energy and your efforts back into the community.

  19. Complain less. There will always be more to be grateful for than ungrateful for.

  20. Your self-worth is determined by YOU. Don’t be so rude to yourself.

  21. Purposefully set aside time to try out new things.

  22. If you’ve got to let go, then let go.

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