21 at 21.

In the short life I’ve been blessed to live, here are 21 things I’ve learned.

  1. Have the courage to start. Doesn’t matter if you get to the end, just start.

  2. Don’t be mean in high school. Don’t be mean at all.

  3. What you say to others can make an imprint on them for life. Choose your words wisely.

  4. Practice kindness. Start with being kind to yourself.

  5. Invest in good winter coats.

  6. Guard your heart from temporary people.

  7. Love fearlessly.

  8. You feel deeply and that’s okay. Just because others might not, it doesn’t mean you have to build the same walls. Time heals all wounds, and it will heal this one.

  9. Your intelligence cannot be quantified by your GPA, or how many internships you have on your resume.

  10. Do not seek validation from other people, because other people suck.

  11. Do your body a favor and for the love of god start drinking water.

  12. Don’t buy fruit, and then not eat it. That’s so stupid.

  13. There is no one on Earth who will love you more than your mother. Love her back.

  14. When you can’t get jeans over your hips, and your stomach bloats the second you put food in your mouth, just put on a dress and order a burger. We’re all shaped weird.

  15. God has a plan.

  16. Be purposeful in seeking out adventures.

  17. Travel often.

  18. Share what you love and fck the rest.

  19. There is a reason for struggle. There is a reason for your anxiety and depression. Learn from it, do not let it shrink you.

  20. Stop losing reusable water bottles.

  21. It’s really gonna be okay.

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