a little thing about love.

Falling in love and falling out of love are arguably the two easiest things human beings can write about.

Poets, painters, writers, dancers, and musicians build worlds out of love. There is endless content to write about, whether it be about your own experiences, or someone else’s. It’s so easy to exploit your heart. And people love buying into it.

My brother once told me that fans of Death Cab For Cutie, (a sub stream indie band we listened to during our angsty pre-teen years) were actually relieved when the lead singer got a divorce because “he started to make good music again.” Taylor Swift has received so much criticism for her speedy dating habits, but yet we silently wait for the next song about a boy named John or Stephen or Jonas or Styles, which quickly turns into a whole album about that boy and next thing you know, you’re clutching a dried up corsage from your winter semi-formal and sobbing with your mom.

Love has also given us Shakespeare’s sonnets, cheeky rom-coms, and Lin Manuel Miranda.

I was recently dumped. And as the dump-ee and never the dump-er, my specialty is wallowing in self-pity for a straight month. My exes have learned how to forget about me, hook up with other girls and party more, but I’ve learned that if you order a Big Mac after midnight at some McDonalds franchises, you get a second for free. For free. It’s so easily delicious to let heartbreak consume my body.

So as the serious journalist that I am, I’ve been sitting around, waiting for this breakup to ignite a series of heart wrenching poems, or perhaps an idea for a book. But so far all I’ve done is make three different playlists of breakup songs and fill my trash bin with shitty cliché poems.

But I have faith that a heartbreak will produce something good, whether it be good writing or simply a better mindset. I love how it brings out the absolute worst in me because it just makes room for all the parts I like about myself. That’s why it’s so easy to write about. I think it leaves people no choice but to pick up and move on, and we all need that every once in a while.

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