i judge books by their cover.

When I was little, I read a lot.

I read at lunch, during class, at recess, after class, at home, in bed, in the morning. there wasn’t a time when I wasn’t in the middle of reading multiple books at once. I also never used book markers — for some reason I always remembered the page number of whatever book I was reading. I couldn’t remember what I ate for breakfast, but I never forgot what page I was on.

I read most of the time which also meant that I spent a lot of time by myself. I had friends, I just always preferred the ones on paper over the ones in real life. Being in the real world, and making friends has never been my forte. As you are reading this, through a computer screen, we are separated by pixels and keyboards — I like it that way. With books, you can be intimate with pieces of paper bound together. That’s pretty magical.

First week back at school was harder than I thought. I want to ignore everyone and focus on my friends in books. The friends I could always count on. Too many voices in class, too many people stating their opinions like facts. This school makes me judge people like I judge the cover of books. They are reduced to summaries on the sleeves of hardcovers — I interned here, did work with him/her, started my own political campaign vote for me 2016!

I too, have my own cover, with my own summary and my own reviews. I wonder if we really are more than just pages and pages. Bound together with good intentions, flawed beginnings, and hopeful endings.

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