These audio stories were written and recorded for my Digital Audio Production class in the Fall of 2018. This weekly six hour class was conducted like a newsroom and I worked collaboratively in a small team of four to create newscasts up to 25 minutes long. Our station name was "WBLT" -- yes, like the sandwhich. The following stories are individual wraps written, recorded, and edited on my own.

WRAP: Amazon HQ2 comes to Virginia

LEDE: Amazon’s second and third headquarters will be split between New York City and Northern Virginia after a contentious year long battle on where the new tech giant will call home. WBLT’s Jessica De Jesus has more from Northern Virginia.

WRAP: Peace with Pakistan?

LEDE: On Wednesday President Trump sent a letter to Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan with an official request for Pakistan’s help in negotiating peace talks with the Taliban in hopes of seeing an end to the war in Afghanistan. WBLT’s Jessica De Jesus reports that this request comes just two weeks after tense Twitter exchanges between the two leaders. 

WRAP: Sexual assualt in the Catholic Church

LEDE: Exposing sexual abuse within the Catholic Church has been an international scandal for over 3 decades. Archdioceses in countries like New Zealand, Germany, and the United States are still struggling to repair their communities. WBLT’s Jessica De Jesus has more


LEDE: Chinese scientist Huh Jankwai recently announced that he used gene-editing technology to alter the genes of twin girls born last month. WBLT’s Jessica De Jesus reports that they are the first gene edited babies ever to be born.

WRAP: Alex Jones is banned from Twitter